—New site-specific work for Soundstream Emerging Composers Forum in Adelaide SA. 19-22nd September. Free public performance. See details in link below:

—Solo Guitar work to be performed by Andrey Lebedev at Canberra International Music Festival, May 2020. Performance date TBA.

—Commission for the West Australian Symphony Orchestra. Conducted by Cristian Măcelaru. Premiering 3rd July 2020.

WASO Sounds & Stories article:


—Music for a short documentary ‘Persia’s Pantry’. Screening at the Revelation Film Festival, July 2019, Perth.


Commission for Perth-based new music ensemble Intercurrent, supported by the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries.

Image: James Simmons.  left-right: Lachlan Skipworth, Louise Devenish, Olivia Davies, Ashley Smith, Emily Green-Armytage.

Image: James Simmons.

left-right: Lachlan Skipworth, Louise Devenish, Olivia Davies, Ashley Smith, Emily Green-Armytage.


Summers Night Project participant:

A project that supports three emerging composers who identify as female from Western Australia, South Australia and Victoria.  Each composer, paired with a mentor, is invited to write a piece that will receive performance in Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne this July. 

For more information, visit: 


‘FEMME’ collaborative exhibition: Natasja Kremers (Photographer) + Angela Mitchell (Illustrator) - music composed for a video installation played for the duration of the one-month exhibition.


Femme is an exhibition featuring single works made together by two artists from very different creative backgrounds. Photographer Natasja Kremers and illustrator Angela Mitchell wish to challenge the concept of the artist as a sole creator pursuing a singular vision. By collaborating, they instead create a co-dependency between the photographed female form and interwoven illustration, whilst simultaneously retaining each artist’s unique expression in their own medium.

The printed and painted artworks of Femme share gritty textural photography intertwined with delicate illustration in coloured and metallic inks. Themes of femininity, fashion, flora and fauna are explored; but it is the process of working together that has predominantly defined the exhibition’s outcome. At every stage, Kremers and Mitchell focused on how the narrative would extend beyond their own part in the project – from exploratory sketches to photographing the muses to developing the mediums in order to integrate successfully as complete works on Japanese papers. 

Kremers says, “I wanted to photograph the nude female form on film and asked Angela if she would be interested in exploring this project together. She agreed straight away and I guess that’s where the concept started. To let go and work with another artist by adding to each other’s work has been such an incredible experience. It is like being blindfolded and not knowing where it will go at times. I love photography on its own, but Angela’s illustration lifts it to a whole new level. One I didn’t even realise was possible.”

Both Kremers and Mitchell are stepping outside of their daily vocations of wedding photography and graphic design respectively, to further explore their individual disciplines through this personal project. With a high profile career in the wedding industry, Kremers has been commissioned by the likes of Matthew Pavlich and Aaron Sandilands and is often flown to far corners of the world to photograph modern lovers getting married.

Mitchell has an extensive background in graphic design and illustration for business. She was one half of the design consultancy Studio Bomba, stationery company Mitchell & Dent, and co-founder of the First Comes Love wedding fair. Her design for lifestyle brands, packaging, stationery, events, fashion and textiles has heavily influenced her decade-long progression into artistic illustration and exhibitions. Her painting style combines florals, pattern and repetition.

“It was such a treat being able to collaborate with a creative from a different discipline to my own. We approached this creative project without any fixed thoughts about the final result. Being able to explore ideas without the pressure of clients, deadlines or set outcomes was new to both of us,” says Mitchell. “I loved the process of being able to pour over Natasja’s images and help each one tell its own unique story. It felt like we were creating little fantasy worlds – something I probably haven’t done since I was a kid. Working with my hands in such an organic way again has been incredibly satisfying, the simple process of paint and brush, even down to creating the wooden hanging frames.”

A short film by Kremers and Mitchell will also premier on opening night and feature throughout the exhibition. It incorporates Kremers’ grainy exploration of a muse’s movement, filmed to interact with animations of Mitchell’s illustrations, accompanied by an original musical score by emerging Perth composer Olivia Davies. 


The Hush Foundation - Hush 18

For information about the Hush Foundation and it's National Composers in Residence Project follow the link provided below.


2017 Clarity Project - Originally produced for the promotion of the Clarity Project - 'a wedding season fire starter. A non-cheesy, down to earth wedding photography conversation... modest and a little bit real'. This is an extended version of the track used on social media.

2017 Fringe World Perth – mentor for the sold out show ‘Ru Cercle’.

2016 music for German short film ‘For Mum Who Made Me Sad’ – screened at Girls Go Movie' film festival in Mannheim (12th -13th Nov 2016), The Visionale in Frankfurt (12th Nov 2016) and to be screened at Port25 in Mannheim (5th March 2017) and the annual international Speechless Film Festival in Makota, Minnesota (16th – 18th March 2017).

2016 music for Short Film 'The Voice in the Wilderness' - screened at 168 Film Festival L.A, 21st August 2016, Regal LA LIVE Stadium. Won Best Original Score. 

2011 ‘How Eye Sea’ collaborative photographic exhibition – contributing both photography and music.